Nguyen Vu Truong

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This paper proposes a hybrid terminal sliding-mode observer based on the nonsingular terminal sliding-mode (NTSM) and the high-order sliding-mode (HOSM) for the rotor position and speed estimation in the permanent-magnet synchronous motor control system. An NTSM manifold is utilized to realize both fast convergence and better tracking precision. In(More)
In this paper, the way to design different shapes of miniature antenna for LoRa devices are presented. With dimension of 0.06&#x03BB;&#x00D7;0.1&#x03BB;, the proposed antennas are printed on 34&#x00D7;80&#x00D7;0.8 mm<sup>3</sup> FR-4 board. The simulation and experiment results show a good agreement with expectations of the electrical small antennas that(More)
In this paper, a novel antenna suitable for wearable LoRa devices is introduced. Its size is just 42.5 &#x00D7; 45 mm<sup>2</sup>, similar to the size of a watch, thanks to the advantage of a wire-patch antenna structure. The proposed antenna operates at 868MHz frequency band with the realized gain up to 0.4 dBi. This antenna is proved to be better than(More)
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