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Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) 검출을 위한 Semi-nested PCR 법의 개발
A new semi-nested PCR method was developed to detect Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV) which is the causative virus of colony collapse disorder (CCD) in honeybee. To amplify IAPV structuralExpand
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Sacbrood Virus와 Korean Sacbrood Virus의 구별 검출을 위한 PCR법 개발
Sacbood virus (SBV) is an infectious disease, resulting in failure to pupate and death. Korean sacbrood virus (KSBV) has led to the enormous perishment of Apis cerana in Korea. In this study, PCRExpand
Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) 법을 이용한 백묵병 원인균 Ascosphera apis의 검출법 개발
Chalkbrood disease of honeybee is caused by a apecies of fungus, Ascosphaera apis (A. apis), which could affect larvae of honeybee. In this study, new LAMP method for the specific detection of A.Expand
Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) 법을 이용한 Nosema ceranae 검출법 개발
Nosema disease (Nosemosis) in honeybees is caused by obligate intracellular parasites, Nosema apis (N. apis), and also by Nosema ceranae (N. ceranae). Recently, N. ceranae was often found not only inExpand