Nguyen Van Huan

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The study of AFLP analysis in Kandelia obovata, one of the major mangrove species in Japan, revealed the existence of a unique fragment showing stuttered peaks. We cloned this fragment and found a novel microsatellite locus. We report the method used for isolation and the polymorphic nature of this locus among the populations on Iriomote Island.
An important phase in building a hair material simulation system is model construction. Because building the material model effects to simulation quality, model reality and storage space,.. Besides, after the hair material model is built, we need to simulate the material model so that it has to guarantee about quality, model control ability. The article(More)
Building hair models and expressing hairstyles are important phases in a simulation system of virtual human. So, to be built a simulation system guarantees quality, proposing an efficient solution is an important problem. The article presents a vector field application in building hair models and expressing hairstyles, using the vector field will allow to(More)
This paper introduces an eye-verifier for reliable detection of eyes in facial color images. At first, the eye region candidates are searched by the circular filter to the binary face image. The eye candidates are then fed into an eye-verifier. The eye-verifier uses a ternary template, generated from the eye area consisting of iris, sclera and skin. Then(More)
Let {Xn, n > 1} be a sequence of coordinatewise negatively associated random vectors taking values in a real separable Hilbert space with the kth partial sum Sk, k > 1. We provide conditions for the convergence of ∑∞ n=1 1 n P(max16k6n ‖Sk‖ > εn α) and ∑∞ n=1 logn n P(max16k6n ‖Sk‖ > εn α) for all ε > 0. The converses of these results are also discussed.
In today's digital world, the scenario of the images has totally changed. We can do a lot of computation on the captured facial image for improving its quality. This is possible because of the availability of large number of digital platforms. These platforms have made the computational task easier and less time consuming. Instead of improving the quality(More)
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