Nguyen Tien Dong

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There are no contemporary data available describing human immunity to novel influenza A/H7N9. Using 1723 prospectively collected serum samples in southern Vietnam, we tested for antibodies to 5 avian influenza virus antigens, using a protein microarray. General-population antibody titers against subtype H7 virus are higher than antibody titers against(More)
Diarrheal disease is a complex syndrome that remains a leading cause of global childhood morbidity and mortality. The diagnosis of enteric pathogens in a timely and precise manner is important for making treatment decisions and informing public health policy, but accurate diagnosis is a major challenge in industrializing countries. Multiplex molecular(More)
The Fréchet second-order subdifferentials and the limiting second-order subdif-ferentials for real-valued functions, which was defined by the Fréchet coderivatives and the limiting coderivatives for multifunctions, was studied in [2]. Recently, it has been shown in [1] that the convexity of a real-valued function can be characterized by the Fréchet and(More)
Ambient vibration test is one of the most applicable and reliable methods among vibration tests due to recently fast evolvement of measurement, sensor technologies and data processing, and economical benefit as well. Modal identification methods of the ambient vibration structures are output-only identification techniques which have commonly been branched(More)
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