Nguyen Thien Luan

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BACKGROUND Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has developed as the dominant paradigm of assessment of evidence that is used in clinical practice. Since its development, EBM has been applied to integrate the best available research into diagnosis and treatment with the purpose of improving patient care. In the EBM era, a hierarchy of evidence has been proposed,(More)
BACKGROUND Dengue infection has various clinical manifestations, often with unpredictable clinical evolutions and outcomes. Several factors including nutritional status have been studied to find the relationship with dengue severity. However, the nutritional status had conflicting effects on the complication of dengue in some previous studies. Therefore, we(More)
BACKGROUND Ethics is one of the main pillars in the development of science. We performed a JoinPoint regression analysis to analyze the trends of ethical issue research over the past half century. The question is whether ethical issues are neglected despite their importance in modern research. METHOD PubMed electronic library was used to retrieve(More)
This paper proposes a new block cipher called KT-64. We make a cipher using components that are believed secure. The structure of KT-64 is very simple, strong and efficient. We use the controlled substitution-permutation networks (CSPNs) based on controlled elements (CEs) for designing fast block cipher suitable to cheap hardware implementation. Security(More)
Patent urachus is a rare congenital abnormality. Since its first description by Cabriolus in 1550, few cases have been reported. A 26-year-old Vietnamese primigravida presented at 20 weeks of gestation for evaluation of a cystic mass in the umbilical cord, which was first discovered at week 13 of pregnancy by ultrasound scan. The cystic mass originated from(More)
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