Nguyen The Quyen

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In this paper, a prototype of a new generation of Raman spectrometers, based on the use of a monochromator, a digital micromirror device as light modulator, and a photomultiplier tube as detector of the Raman light, is described. This spectrometer, containing no moving parts, is inexpensive, robust, and very precise. New in concept, this spectrometer makes(More)
In this study, the aim is to develop a population model based approach to optimize fruit harvesting strategies with regard to fruit quality and its derived economic value. This approach was applied to the case of tomato fruit harvesting under Vietnamese conditions. Fruit growth and development of tomato (cv. "Savior") was monitored in terms of fruit size(More)
In this paper, the performances of four improved analytical methods (backward stepwise selection of peak intensities, sum of characteristic peaks of a component, moving window partial least squares, and genetic algorithms) using wavelength selection for the analysis of xylene mixtures by Raman spectroscopy are tested for further use on the new "digital(More)
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