Nguyen The Hung

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Globally, the number of adults hospitalized with dengue has increased markedly in recent years. It has been suggested that hepatic dysfunction is more significant in this group than among children. We describe the spectrum and evolution of disease manifestations among 644 adults with dengue who were prospectively recruited on admission to a major infectious(More)
In his recent perspective entitled Dengue: the Syndromic Basis to Pathogenesis Research, Inutility of the 2009 WHO Case Definition, Halstead expresses concern that adoption of the 2009 World Health Organization (WHO) classification scheme will compromise the " analytic clarity needed to understand mechanisms underlying dengue pathophysiology, pathogenesis,(More)
Disasters are increased in number. No matter what the cause of the disaster is human or natural, the consequence is always hard and takes long time to deal with if only human labor is used. Robotic systems are used more and more in search and rescue mission to shorten the time as well as reduce the danger for human. Mobile robot system faced difficulties of(More)
With rapidly changing of technology, there are more and more robotic applications in household security. Security patrol with human in charge is high labor cost as well as shortage of human resource. Mobile robot can solve some of these problems but it faced difficulties of uncertainties in sensor system, unstructured environments, or lack adaptive ability(More)
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