Nguyen T. Huynh

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Rhizopus azygosporus Yuan et Jong (ATCC 48108), a starter culture for fermented soybean tempeh, produces β-glucosidases that cleave flavonoid glycosides into aglycones during fermentation. However, recent data suggest that fermentation of a flavonoid glycoside-rich extract with this strain did not result in the production of aglycones. Thus, in this paper,(More)
Model checking techniques have been applied widely for verifying hardware designs and protocols since they can check if the system operates as desired or not without actually running the system. Recently, the usage of model checking for software verification has also been increasingly considered. One notable advantage of the model checking approach is the(More)
Phenolic compounds are highly present in byproducts from the cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) harvest and are thus a valuable source for valorization toward phenolic-rich extracts. In this study, we aimed to optimize and characterize the release of individual phenolic compounds from outer leaves of cauliflower, using two commercially(More)
Software regression is a bug that makes software stop functioning normally after a certain event. In this paper, we investigate detecting regression when software evolves to a new version. In this context, regression bugs occur in parts of software that already passed testing process in the old version. Hence, such kind of bugs is difficult to be discovered(More)
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