Nguyen T. Huynh

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Model checking techniques have been applied widely for verifying hardware designs and protocols since they can check if the system operates as desired or not without actually running the system. Recently, the usage of model checking for software verification has also been increasingly considered. One notable advantage of the model checking approach is the(More)
Software regression is a bug that makes software stop functioning normally after a certain event. In this paper, we investigate detecting regression when software evolves to a new version. In this context, regression bugs occur in parts of software that already passed testing process in the old version. Hence, such kind of bugs is difficult to be discovered(More)
Since joining the World Trade Organization in 2006, Vietnam has attracted increased foreign investment. Over the past few years, Vietnam has depreciated its currency compared to the U.S. Dollar, making Vietnam's exports to the U.S. lower-priced. This has helped Vietnam increase exports and boost national income in the short run. However, one consequence of(More)
One hundred voluntary blood donors in Hanoi were typed for antigens in the MNS, Rh,Kell, Duffy, and Kidd blood group systems. They were also tested for the presence of the Mi.III (GP.Mur) phenotype and Lewis system antigens. The Jk phenotype frequencies were markedly different from those previously reported. The frequency of the Mi.III phenotype was similar(More)
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