Nguyen Ngoc-Phuong

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Pipe cleaning and inspection robot is one of the new concepts of professional service robots. Sewer pipes are typically of non-man-entry classification (less than 0.8 m diameter). In this paper, a pipe-cleaning and inspection robot specifically designed for this function is proposed. This paper presents a new approach for design and development of cleaning(More)
The robot fish, with straight and turn movement, is undertaken by the waving of body combined with caudal fins. In heaving motion, fish robot is propelled and controlled by pectoral fins or a changing system like the bladder in real fish. In this paper, the adjusting gravitation method was chosen to change the depth of sinking and make robot fish floating.(More)
In this paper describes the design, modeling and development of a robotic flower based on continuum structure. It is the new concept of biomimetics, and its appearance likes a natural flower. The design is based on a novel “tendon and spring” mechanisms. The robotic flower is steered by tendons combining structure of spring. Its development is(More)
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