Nguyen N. Thanh

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BACKGROUND In Vietnam, malaria remains a problem in some remote areas located along its international borders and in the central highlands, partly due to the bionomics of the local vector, mainly found in forested areas and less vulnerable to standard control measures. Long Lasting Insecticidal Hammocks (LLIH), a tailored and user-friendly tool for forest(More)
Despite a successful control programme, malaria has not completely disappeared in Vietnam; it remains endemic in remote areas of central Vietnam, where standard control activities seem to be less effective. The evolution of malaria prevalence and incidence over two and half years in a rural area of central Vietnam, after the introduction of community-based(More)
Nata-de-coco, a bacterial cellulose product, which is usually prepared by Acetobacter xylinum grown in mature coconut water, is a quite popular snack in Vietnam and other countries. This research was carried out to obtain pure Acetobacter strains that can produce high cellulose and to investigate the effect of fermenting conditions on cellulose production.(More)
Recent trends in environmental management of water resource have enlarged the demand for predicting techniques that can provide reliable, efficient and accurate water quality. In this case study, the authors applied the Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to estimate the water quality index on the Dong Nai River flowing through Dong Nai and Binh Duong(More)
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