Nguyen Minh Tri

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The need for bandwidth and the incitation to reduce power consumption lead to the reduction of cell size in wireless networks. This allows reducing the distance between a user and the base station, thus increasing the capacity. A relatively inexpensive way of deploying small-cell networks is to use femtocells. However, the reduction in cell size causes(More)
In this paper, we consider a two-tier MIMO network in the downlink, consisting of a single macrocell base station with multiple transmit antennas coexisting with several closed-access MIMO femtocells. With multiple receive antennas at both the macrocell and femtocell users, we propose an opportunistic interference alignment scheme to design the transmit and(More)
As the volume of mobile traffic consisting of video, voice, and data is rapidly expanding, a challenge remains with the mobile transport network, which must deliver data traffic to mobile devices without degrading the service quality. Since every Internet service holds its own service quality requirements, the flow-aware traffic management in fine(More)