Nguyen Khoi Tran

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In budding yeast, the mitotic spindle is positioned in the neck between the mother and the bud so that both cells inherit one nucleus. The movement of the mitotic spindle into the neck can be divided into two phases: (1) Kip3p-dependent movement of the nucleus to the neck and alignment of the short spindle, followed by (2) dynein-dependent movement of the(More)
Coronin was originally identified as a cortical protein associated with the actin cytoskeleton in Dictyostelium [1]. More recent studies have revealed that coronin is involved in actin-based motility, cytokinesis and phagocytosis [2,3]. Here, we describe the identification of a single homolog of coronin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which we show localizes(More)
In the era of the Internet of Things, enormous number of sensors have been deployed in different locations, generating massive time-series sensory data with geo-tags. However, such sensory readings are easily missing due to various reasons such as the hardware malfunction, connection errors, and data corruption. This paper focuses on this challenge--how to(More)
How to accurately forecast seasonal time series is very important for many business area such as marketing decision, planning production and profit estimation. In this paper, we propose a weighted gradient Radial Basis Function Network based AutoRegressive (WGRBF-AR) model for modeling and predicting the nonlinear and non-stationary seasonal time series.(More)
Lipotoxic cardiomyopathy is caused by myocardial lipid accumulation and often occurs in patients with diabetes and obesity. This study investigated the effects of β-lapachone (β-lap), a natural compound that activates Sirt1 through elevation of the intracellular NAD+ level, on acyl CoA synthase (ACS) transgenic (Tg) mice, which have lipotoxic(More)
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