Nguyen Huu Thanh

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Modern wireless networks, such as WiMAX or LTE are using OFDM/OFDMA as the enabling technologies for broadband transmission in cellular environments with QoS capabilities. In these networks, such schema as radio resource management, admission control, scheduling are essential. In this article we firstly introduce a Time-Frequency Burst Mapping algorithm for(More)
Nowadays, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks get the most attention since volumetric attacks saturate company's networks and associated server infrastructure. In fact, DDoS can occur weekly or daily in a network but many organizations have no systems in place to monitor DDoS traffic so as to be aware if their networks are being attacked. Within(More)
One considerable challenge in future heterogeneous wireless networks (HetNet) is vertical handover. Current vertical handover approaches almost focus on resolving two questions: (1) when a Mobile Station (MS) needs to carry out a vertical handover (VHO) procedure; and (2) how a proper handover decision can be made in a HetNet environment. Actually, some(More)
Data centers play an important role in our daily activities. The increasing demand on data centers in both scale and size has led to huge energy consumption that rises the cost of data centers. Besides, environmental impacts also increase considerably due to a large amount of carbon emissions. In this paper, we present a design aimed at green networking by(More)
IMS has been widely recognized as the control and signaling framework for delivering of the rich communication & multimedia services to broad-band users. Amongst others, it's deploying as the service (middleware) platform for interactive and personalized IPTV services. The goal of this paper is to provide a short description and analysis of the (IPTV) use(More)