Nguyen Huu Chi

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The HIV epidemic is emerging rapidly in Vietnam. We studied the prevalence of opportunistic infections by performing clinical and microbiological investigations in 100 hospitalized HIV-infected adults in Ho Cho Minh City, Vietnam. The median CD4 count was 20 cells/mm(3) and in-hospital mortality was 28%. The most frequent diagnoses were oral candidiasis(More)
BACKGROUND Penicillium marneffei is an important human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-associated opportunistic pathogen in Southeast Asia. The epidemiology and the predictors of penicilliosis outcome are poorly understood. METHODS We performed a retrospective study of culture-confirmed incident penicilliosis admissions during 1996-2009 at the Hospital for(More)
Dorsal spinal roots were crushed in 30 rats at the lumbar or thoracic level. Peripheral roots, nerve entry zone, and spinal cord were studied 3 to 5 weeks after operation by immunofluorescence with neurofilament, glial fibrillary acidic (GFA), and laminin antisera. As previously shown in sciatic nerve undergoing Wallerian degeneration, reactive Schwann(More)
The fibrinolytic activity of blood is caused by plasminogen activators (PA) converting plasminogen to plasmin, the active fibrinolytic protease. PA activity in rat neural tissues was studied by Todd's fibrin slide technique. Cryostat sections overlayed with a film of plasminogen and fibrin were incubated for 60–90 min. PA activity was related to the size of(More)
Using a panel of non-farm household businesses for Vietnam, this paper sheds light on the links between households’ and entrepreneurs’ social networks and household business performance. We address three related questions. One first question is whether we can find evidence of a differentiated effect of employment of members of the extended family versus(More)
The formation of basal laminae in peripheral nerve was studied by immunofluorescence with laminin antisera in the rat embryo. Peripheral nerves were identified with neurofilament antisera in double labeled sections. In the adult rat perineurium and endoneurium were uniformly decorated by the antisera. Sensory neurons in posterior root ganglia were(More)
Neurofibrillary tangles were induced in the motor neurons of the rabbit spinal cord by the intrathecal injection of colchicine, vinblastine, and vincristine. The tangles stained intensely by immunofluorescence and by the peroxidase-anti-peroxidase procedure using neurofilament antisera raised against chicken brain antigen, as previously reported for(More)
Autologous sciatic nerve was grafted into rat brain by (i) passing an 8-mm segment of nerve tied to a straight surgical needle through two craniotomy holes ("through-and-through" model); (ii) inserting a small tube of polyethylene containing the 8-mm nerve piece ("nerve-within-tube" model). Longitudinally oriented neurofilament-positive fibers were(More)