Nguyen Hoang Phuong

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Fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic are a highly suitable and applicable basis for developing knowledge-based systems in medicine for tasks such as the interpretation of sets of medical findings, syndrome differentiation in Eastern medicine, diagnosis of diseases in Western medicine, mixed diagnosis of integrated Western and Eastern medicine, the optimal(More)
Density functional theories such as the Poniewierski–Stecki theory relate the elastic properties of nematic liquid crystals with their local liquid structure, i.e., with the direct correlation function ~DCF! of the particles. We propose a way to determine the DCF in the nematic state from simulations without any approximations, taking into account the(More)
Recently, the epidemic forecast has been interest of many researchers. Traditionally, mathematical epidemiological models have been used for epidemic forecast. However, these models require some functional dependency assumptions that may not be always practical. Other approaches based on data mining have achieved promising results thanks to the development(More)
For security reasons, a manned spaceship such as a Space Shuttle is equipped with thousands of sensors, and the data from all these sensors is telemetrically delivered to the Flight Control Center. This data is automatically monitored so as to detect possible problems as soon as possible. However, these automatic systems do not capture all the experience of(More)