Nguyen Duc Hinh

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to establish a normative scale of amniotic fluid index (AFI) or four-quadrant amniotic fluid index throughout gestation in uncomplicated singleton pregnancies, and to identify the lower and upper limits for each gestational week. METHOD A prospective longitudinal study was used. One hundred seventeen uncomplicated(More)
There is a shortage of medical doctors in primary health care (PHC) settings in Vietnam. Evidence about the knowledge medical students have about PHC and their career decision-making is important for making policy in human resources for health. The objective of this study was to analyse knowledge and attitudes about PHC among medical students in their final(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare 400 and 800 microg sublingual or vaginal misoprostol 24 hours after 200 mg mifepristone for noninferiority regarding efficacy in achieving complete abortion for pregnancy termination up to 63 days of gestation. DESIGN Placebo-controlled, randomised, noninferiority factorial trial, stratified by centre and length of gestation.(More)
OBJECTIVE To report methods and results from a national sample mortality surveillance programme implemented in Viet Nam in 2009. METHODS A national sample of 192 communes located in 16 provinces and covering a population of approximately 2.6 million was selected using multi-stage cluster sampling. Deaths for 2009 were identified from several local data(More)
BACKGROUND Internet addiction (IA) is a common problem found in young Asians. This study aimed to study the influence of IA and online activities on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in young Vietnamese. This study also compared the frequencies of anxiety, depression and other addiction of young Vietnamese with and without IA. METHODS This study(More)
OBJECTIVES The average alcohol consumption per capita among Vietnamese adults has consistently increased. Although alcohol-related disorders have been extensively studied, there is a paucity of research shedding light on this issue among Internet users. The study aimed to examine the severity of alcohol-related disorders and other associated factors that(More)
V ietnam has made impressive progress toward improving the health status of the population, with progress that equals or surpasses that of many neighboring countries. Life expectancy in Vietnam is 72.8 years (70.2 for men and 75.6 for women), a level that is considerably higher than that in many countries with similar levels of GDP per capita. From 1990 to(More)
BACKGROUND Job satisfaction among health workers is an important indicator in assessing the performance and efficiency of health services. OBJECTIVE This study measured job satisfaction and determined associated factors among health workers in 38 commune health stations in an urban district and a rural district of Hanoi, Vietnam. A total of 252 health(More)
INTRODUCTION Internet addiction has been a major behavioral disorder over the past decade. Prior meta-analytic review has demonstrated the association between Internet addiction and psychiatric disorders, as well as sleep related disorders. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES There remains a paucity of literature about Internet addiction and sleep related disorders in(More)
Vietnam's health system continues to make great progress in improving its capacities and performance. However, despite the many significant achievements that have been made, this paper summaries 11 health system research papers from different perspectives with the aim of providing scientific evidence for policy actions in Vietnam. Health system research is(More)