Nguyen Duc Cuong

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Sheath blight infection of rice by Rhizoctonia solani Kühn AG1-IA often results in serious yield losses in intensive rice cultivation. Biological control agents (BCAs) have previously been isolated but poor efficiency is often observed when applied under field conditions. This study compares a traditional dual-culture plate assay and a new water-surface(More)
In 1995, commercial energy consumption accounted for 35-40% of total energy consumption in Vietnam; the remaining was non-commercial energy, of which biomass contributed 75-80%. Biomass energy is used by rural people not only in the household but also for productive activities. Although briquetting of biomass residues e.g. rice husk, saw dust etc. can(More)
The OPC (Openness, Productivity, and Collaboration; formerly "OLE for Process Control") standards today have been accepted as industrial standards for designing and developing industrial applications in manufacturing and process automation. However, the development of real industrial applications using the OPC standards at universities is limited due to the(More)
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