Nguyen Anh Tu

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With explosive growth of digital images, content-based image retrieval has been emerged as an active research topic with many opportunities and challenges. Most of the visual search systems focus on the task of finding specific object, but a little attention has been paid for multiple object retrieval. In this paper, we present an efficient framework for(More)
Nowadays, evolution of mobile devices make demand for searching information increasing expressively. Many applications have been developed for recognition tasks. In this paper, we present a new and efficient visual search system for finding similar images on the large database. We first propose a compact, discriminative image representation called Locality(More)
Social image search becomes an active research field in recent years due to the rapid development in big data processing technologies. In the retrieval systems, text description/tags play a key role to bridge the semantic gap between low-level features and higher-level concepts, and so guarantee the reliable search. However, in practice manual tags are(More)
Community-search is the problem of finding a densely connected subgraph from a large graph, for given set of query nodes. It is useful, for example, when some high profiled researchers want to arrange a conference or some celebrities wish to arrange a party, and are searching for other researchers and similar personalties respectively. Technically, the(More)
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