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In this article, we focus on data arriving sequentially by blocks in a stream. A semiparametric regression model involving a common EDR (Effective Dimension Reduction) direction β is assumed in each block. Our goal is to estimate this direction at each arrival of a new block. A simple direct approach consists of pooling all the observed blocks and(More)
Summarization of soccer videos has been widely studied due to its worldwide viewers and potential commercial applications. Most existing methods focus on searching for highlight events in soccer videos such as goals, penalty kicks and generating a summary as a list of such events. However, besides highlight events, scenes of intensive competition between(More)
We report spatial and vectorial imaging of local fields' confinement properties in metal nanoparticles with branched shapes, using Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) microscopy. Taking advantage of the coherent nature of this nonlinear process, the technique provides a direct evidence of the coupling between the excitation polarization and both localization(More)
—We propose a novel methodology of knowledge sharing in mechatronic R&D department by the integration of information repository (IR) using minimal organizational restructure. Through computer simulation and system dynamics, we successfully encompass this concept into a systematic, top-down and inclusive model to assess the advantages and disadvantages of(More)
Related records searching, now a common option within bibliographic databases, is applied to an individual result record as a secondary way of refining the retrieval set obtained from the primary subject search operation. In one approach, an individual result record is linked to other article records on the basis of the number of references cited they share(More)
and an anonymous referee, for comments and suggestions on draft versions of this paper. A special thanks to Zhang Moxi for editing assistance. All remaining errors and omissions are the author's sole responsibility. ii The opinions expressed in this paper are those of the author and are not to be taken as the official views of the UNCTAD secretariat or its(More)