Ngo Thanh Nhan

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Sublanguages _differ from each other, and from the "stan-dard Ian~age, in their syntactic, semantic, and discourse vrolx:rties. Understanding these differences is important'if-we are to improve our ability to process these sublanguages. We have developed a sen~.'-automatic ~ure for identifying sublangnage syntact/c usage from a sample of text in the(More)
Selectional constraints specify, for a particular domain, the combinations of semantic classes acceptable in subject-verb-object relationships and other syntactic structures. These constraints are important in blocking incorrect analyses in natural language processing systems. However, these constraints are domain-specific and hence must be developed anew(More)
The aim of PROTEUS-a system for the analysis of short technical texts-is to increase the reliability of the analysis process through the integration of syntactic and semantic constraints, domain knowledge, and knowledge of discourse structure. This system is initially being applied to the analysis of messages describing the failure, diagnosis, and repair of(More)
In this paper, we want to show how the morphological component of an existing NLP-system for Dutch (Dutch Medical Language Processor-DMLP) has been extended in order to produce output that is compatible with the language independent modules of the LSP-MLP system (Linguistic String Project-Medical Language Processor) of the New York University. The former(More)
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