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Green mold disease (causal agent, Trichoderma) has resulted in severe crop losses on mushroom farms worldwide in recent years. We analyzed 160 isolates of Trichoderma from mushroom farms for morphological, cultural, and molecular characteristics and classified these isolates into phenotypic groups. The most common group comprised approximately 40% of the(More)
Bovine adenovirus type 3 (BAV3) is a DNA virus that causes respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders in cattle. We have sequenced the extreme left end of BAV3 genome (0-11.7 map units). Partial analysis of the nucleotide sequence revealed 19 potential open reading frames (ORFs) that could encode for polypeptides of 50 or more amino acids. Four of these(More)
Norgen Biotek has developed various products (Plasma/Serum Circulating RNA Purification Kits and Exosome RNA Purification Kits) that are specifically optimized for purifying circulating or exosomal RNA (large RNA and microRNA) from plasma/serum or urine with the following advantages: 1) Simple and Fast Procedure with no lengthy phenol:chloroform extraction,(More)
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