Nezar Ismet Taib

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BACKGROUND Prior studies on the depression-heart disease association have not usually used diagnostic measures of depression, or taken other mental disorders into consideration. As a result, it is not clear whether the association between depression and heart disease onset reflects a specific association, or the comorbidity between depression and other(More)
BACKGROUND Due, in part, to family constraints in dealing with the economical burden of raising a family, a wave of street children is sweeping the developing world. Such children are prone to both somatic and mental illnesses. This is the first ever study that has been conducted to explore the psychopathology among street children in the Duhok Governorate.(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to study the comorbidity of common mental disorders (CMDs) and cancer, and the mental health treatment gap among community residents with active cancer, cancer survivors and cancer-free respondents in 13 high-income and 11 low-middle-income countries. METHODS Data were derived from the World Mental Health Surveys (N = 66,387; n(More)
OBJECTIVE Intermittent explosive disorder is common, begins early in life, and is associated with considerable impairment in the United States. The epidemiology of IED outside the United States is unknown. We examined the prevalence and correlates of IED in Iraq, where exposure to violence has been widespread during the last three decades. METHOD Data(More)
BACKGROUND Although variation in the long-term course of major depressive disorder (MDD) is not strongly predicted by existing symptom subtype distinctions, recent research suggests that prediction can be improved by using machine learning methods. However, it is not known whether these distinctions can be refined by added information about co-morbid(More)
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