Neyir Sevilmis

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Effective and efficient information management and knowledge sharing has become an essential part of more and more professional tasks in the Product Development Process. Among the varius Knowledge Management technologies, ontologies offer new possibilities for representing, handling and retrieving product related knowledge, and for online collaboration. We(More)
For an autonomous agent system which can interact with users through natural language, it is necessary to deal with the vagueness of natural language and consider its semantics. My talk focused on spatial constraints in the interaction and developed a framework which can interpret thus vagueness. I explain the framework. At first, I analyzed and classified(More)
At first glance, it seems to be quite surprising that so far traditional business process-oriented knowledge management techniques have not been transferred to research in order to improve the efficiency of scientific work on a larger scale. But due to the high variability and unpredictability of scientific work processes, these techniques are not(More)
Multimedia information retrieval is vital for, among many other fields, design and engineering processes. Studies show that members of product development teams spend more and more time for information gathering and have less and less time for the creative aspects of their work. Here the combination of the still emerging Semantic Web [1] technologies and(More)
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