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PURPOSE To evaluate wavefront performance and modulation transfer function (MTF) in the human eye after the implantation of diffractive or refractive multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs). MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a prospective, interventional, comparative, nonrandomized clinical study. Uncorrected distance and near visual acuity, and wavefront(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the possible side effects and potential protection 5 years after implantation of an intraocular lens (IOL) with a blue-light filter (yellow tinted). SETTING Ophthalmology Department, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. DESIGN Prospective randomized clinical study. METHODS Patients with bilateral visually significant(More)
PURPOSE To compare the central corneal thickness (CCT) of patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and control subjects. METHODS The study group comprised 37 consecutive patients with SSc, and the control group comprised 23 healthy individuals similar in age and sex. CCT value was measured by ultrasound pachymetry. RESULTS In the SSc group, the mean CCT(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the frequency and characteristics of ocular manifestations in outpatients with systemic sclerosis. METHODS In this cross-sectional study, 45 patients with systemic sclerosis were enrolled. Data regarding demographics, disease duration and subtype, age at diagnosis, nailfold capillaroscopic pattern and autoantibody profile were(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW To update the knowledge on differences between mechanical microkeratome and femtosecond flaps for laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) in terms of accuracy and complications. RECENT FINDINGS Corneal flaps created with the femtosecond laser present a more planar architecture and provide greater precision in flap diameter and thickness; a(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to report the type and frequency of ocular manifestations in Brazilian psoriatic arthritis patients. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional study in a Brazilian tertiary hospital. The test group included 40 patients who had psoriatic arthritis according to the Classification Criteria for Psoriatic Arthritis. A control(More)
PURPOSE To compare reading ability after cataract surgery and bilateral implantation of multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) with a +3.00 diopter (D) addition (add) or a +4.00 D add. SETTING Department of Ophthalmology, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. DESIGN Prospective comparative study. METHODS Patients scheduled for cataract surgery(More)
PURPOSE To compare central corneal thickness between patients with diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis and limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis. METHODS A total of 53 consecutive patients with systemic sclerosis were enrolled in this study. All subjects were screened for age, gender, classification of disease subtype, autoantibody profile, duration of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the mean intraocular pressure (IOP) of patients with connective tissue disease (CTD) on low-dose chronic systemic corticosteroid therapy and compare with control subjects. DESIGN Cross-sectional comparative study. PARTICIPANTS A total of 86 patients with CTD were grouped according to corticosteroid therapy. Group 1 (n = 27) was(More)
PURPOSE To assess the differences in blue-yellow perimetry values in patients with an AcrySof Natural intraocular lens (IOL) in 1 eye and a conventional AcrySof IOL in the fellow eye. SETTING Cataract and glaucoma clinics of a medical school associated with a public hospital in Brazil. METHODS Forty-six patients had bilateral phacoemulsification and(More)