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It is now recognized that female carriers of fragile X premutations are at increased risk of premature ovarian failure. We have studied 51 premenopausal women from fragile X families, to determine whether premutation carriers have variations in the hormonal markers of menopause, compared to full mutations and controls. We found a significant increase in(More)
High-resolution maps integrated with the enhanced location data base software (LDB+) give improved estimates of genetic parameters and reveal characteristics of cytogenetic bands. Chiasma interference is intermediate between Kosambi and Carter-Falconer levels, as in Drosophila and the mouse. The autosomal genetic map is 2832 and 4348 centimorgans in males(More)
Linkage disequilibrium (LD) provides information about positional cloning, linkage, and evolution that cannot be inferred from other evidence, even when a correct sequence and a linkage map based on more than a handful of families become available. We present theory to construct an LD map for which distances are additive and population-specific maps are(More)
Allelic association between pairs of loci is derived in terms of the association probability rho as a function of recombination theta, effective population size N, linear systematic pressure v, and time t, predicting both rho(rt), the decrease of association from founders and rho(ct), the increase by genetic drift, with rho(t) = rho(rt) + rho(ct). These(More)
On the causal hypothesis, most genetic determinants of disease are single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that are likely to be selected as markers for positional cloning. On the proximity hypothesis, most disease determinants will not be included among markers but may be detected through linkage disequilibrium with other SNPs. In that event, allelic(More)
The results of a cytogenetic and segregation analysis of 110 pedigrees of the mar (X) syndrome are reported. The cytogenetic study indicated an inverse relationship between IQ and the mar(X) frequency in females but not in males. A small but significant effect of age on mar(X) frequency was observed in both males and females, but in females it was(More)
FRAXA premutations have been associated with premature ovarian failure (POF) or menopause before the age of 40. We have studied women in families ascertained because of a mentally retarded full mutation relative and determined their age of menopause, serum hormone levels in premenopausal individuals and the outcome of any pregnancies. Survival analysis was(More)