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C reative Evolutionary Systems, Peter J. Bentley and David W. Corne, eds. Evolutionary computation uses mechanisms derived from natural evolution to solve problems or generate designs. This book concentrates on evolutionary computation in creative areas such as art, music, and design. It shows how human interaction, new representations, and open-ended(More)
1 Executive summary Education reform is top of the agenda of almost every country in the world. Yet despite massive increases in spending (last year, the world's governments spent $2 trillion on education) and ambitious attempts at reform, the performance of many school systems has barely improved in decades. This is all the more surprising because there(More)
  • Book Reviews, Spective—i W Sandberg, +12 authors John D. Powell
  • IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
  • 2004
This book provides an in-depth, comprehensive treatment of artificial learning and adaptive systems of the feedforward neural network type. Chapter topics include an overview and brief history of feedback control, dynamic models, dynamic response, properties of feedback, nonlinear neural networks, and speech recognition. It is a basic reference concerning(More)
Note Symbols of United Nations documents are composed of capital letters combined with figures. Mention of such a symbol indicates a reference to a United Nations document. The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United(More)
In the framework of a lattice-model study of protein folding, we investigate the interplay between designability, thermodynamic stability, and kinetics. To be ‘‘protein-like,’’ heteropolymers must be thermodynamically stable, stable against mutating the amino-acid sequence, and must be fast folders. We find two criteria which, together, guarantee that a(More)
Babcock, J. C., & Steiner, R. (1999). The relationship between treatment, incarceration, and recidivism of battering. Journal of Family Psychology, 13, 46-59. Feld, S. L., & Straus, M. A. (1989). Escalation and desistence of wife assault in marriage. Criminology, 27, 141-159. Fruzzetti, A. E. (1995). The intimacy-distance ]nvcess coding system: A functional(More)
NOTE The views and interpretation reflected in this document are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect an expression of opinion on the part on the United Nations Environment Programme. Assessment of environmental impacts of trade policies has become enormously popular in recent years. Governments are now especially keen to collaborate with(More)
P RACTICE Guidelines are systematically developed recommendations that assist the practitioner and patient in making decisions about health care. These recommendations may be adopted, modified, or rejected according to clinical needs and constraints and are not intended to replace local institutional policies. In addition, Practice Guidelines developed by(More)
[13] G. E. Bloom, A. Eris, and R. Ruble, “Modelling, analysis; and duced ripple without need for adjustments,” U.S. Patent Applicadesign of a multi-output Cuk converter,” in Proc. Seventh Nacation, June 15,1979. tional Solid-state Power Conversion Conf., pp. 11.1-11.19, Mar. [20] P. Wood! “General theory of switching power converters,” in 1980. IEEE(More)