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Previous functional imaging studies have explored the brain regions activated by tasks requiring 'theory of mind'--the attribution of mental states. Tasks used have been primarily verbal, and it has been unclear to what extent different results have reflected different tasks, scanning techniques, or genuinely distinct regions of activation. Here we report(More)
Two groups of male university students who had been diagnosed as dyslexic when younger, and two groups of control subjects of similar age and IQ to the dyslexics, were scanned whilst reading aloud and during a task where reading was implicit. The dyslexics performed less well than their peers on a range of literacy tasks and were strikingly impaired on(More)
The recognition of dyslexia as a neurodevelopmental disorder has been hampered by the belief that it is not a specific diagnostic entity because it has variable and culture-specific manifestations. In line with this belief, we found that Italian dyslexics, using a shallow orthography which facilitates reading, performed better on reading tasks than did(More)
We present behavioral and anatomical evidence for a multi-component reading system in which different components are differentially weighted depending on culture-specific demands of orthography. Italian orthography is consistent, enabling reliable conversion of graphemes to phonemes to yield correct pronunciation of the word. English orthography is(More)
Awareness of risk factors for five common cancers was assessed in a representative sample of 3 693 adults in the UK. Respondents were presented with a risk of 14 factors comprising 10 which have established links with various cancers (older age, many sexual partners, low fibre diet, smoking, a relative with the cancer, low fruit and vegetable diet, taking(More)
Background: The objective of this study was to establish the level of public awareness of warning signs for cancer in Britain. Methods: An interview-based survey of a representative sample of the UK population was undertaken; 3693 men and women completed the interview (69% response rate). The data from this survey included demographic characteristics as(More)
Eight dyslexic subjects, impaired on a range of tasks requiring phonological processing, were matched for age and general ability with six control subjects. Participants were scanned using positron emission tomography (PET) during three conditions: repeating real words, repeating pseudowords, and rest. In both groups, speech repetition relative to rest(More)
The discovery of streptomycin has shown the way by which therapeutic activity against the causative agent of tuberculosis can be found and evaluated in the laboratory prior to its administration in patients. A great number of substances synthesized by the chemist in his laboratory or isolated from natural sources have been found to exert activity against(More)
  • Ann N J Rept, Agr, +6 authors Nem York
  • 2005
bacter, particularly in the presence of cellulose decomposing organisms. The high acidity of the cranberry soils would preclude the very idea of finding the Azobacter in these soils and the early students6 of this group of organisms were of the opinion that they can not live in acid media at all but the reaction has to be adjusted first to neutrality before(More)