Nevin Scrimshaw

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IFPRI was founded in 1975 to develop policy solutions for sustainably meeting the food needs of the developing world. Research, capacity strengthening, and policy communications at IFPRI concentrate on achieving economic growth and poverty reduction in low-income countries, improving food and nutrition security of poor people, and managing the natural(More)
The inability to smooth consumption in developing countries is thought to make health vulnerable to sudden economic downturns. However, studies suggesting this relationship often examine events that influence health independently of household income. We address this difficulty by investigating how world coffee price shocks influence child survival in(More)
and the conference " Economic History: Retrospect and Prospect " for comments. Abstract JEL Classification: I12, Z13 We find that veterans of the Union Army who faced greater wartime stress (as measured by higher battlefield mortality rates) experienced higher mortality rates at older ages, but that men who were from more cohesive companies were(More)
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