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OBJECTIVE Infertility may adversely influence quality of life (QoL). The aim of this study was to compare QoL in women with primary and secondary infertility, and identify factors associated with poor and good QoL. STUDY DESIGN Quality of life was measured using the FertiQoL tool in 273 patients attending an infertility clinic, and demographic and(More)
Most physicians confront the moral and technical challenges of treating persons who are coming to the natural end of their lives. At the level of the health system, this issue becomes a more pressing area for reform as premature death decreases and more people live a full life span. Well-developed countries and international organizations such as the World(More)
It is time for the noon conference. Your job is to impart a career-changing experience in ethics to a group of students and interns gathered from four different schools with varying curriculums in ethics. They have just finished 1 1/2 h of didactic sessions and lunch. One third of them were on call last night. Your first job is to keep them awake. The(More)
Research ethics committees (RECs) are the institutional equivalent of institutional review boards (IRBs) with respect to their role in the ethical analysis of research projects. In Turkey, as in most developing countries, these committees were initiated as a result of pressure from the Western scientific community. Since their formation, RECs have faced(More)
The Deontology and Medical History Departments in Turkey teach Medical Ethics Education. These departments were first established by medical historians and for the time being the staff is primarily interested in deontology. The Department of Deontology in the Faculty of Medicine at Ankara University is the first department in Turkey to teach medical ethics.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate ways of coping with stress in infertile men and women. STUDY DESIGN The study population was composed of 255 women and 238 men (total, 493) admitted to an infertility clinic between May 2012 and December 2012. A questionnaire was used to gather information and the Ways of Coping inventory was used for the evaluation of patients.(More)
Every medical interference could be interpreted as an intervention into one's physical integrity and physical autonomy. This fact has brought along the necessity of determining the responsibilities of physicians, apotheosized throughout history from time to time, and to define the limits of the medical profession. The Turkish Penal Code (TPC) is the kind of(More)
The medical ethics of a physician's relationship with a prisoner who is participating in a collective hunger strike has become a major public, professional, and governmental concern in The Republic of Turkey. This article examines the Turkish experience and debate about physician ethics during prison hunger strikes. It is hoped that this analysis will be of(More)
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