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 Those using an on-line calculator or asking a financial advisor appear to set more adequate savings targets, as measured by the probability of not running short of money in retirement.  Those in the lowest-income quartile show a 9.1−12.6 percentage point improvement (depending on family/gender) in the probability of not running short of money in(More)
At a Glance:  The percentage of workers confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement is essentially unchanged from the record lows observed in 2011. While more than half express some level of confidence (13 percent are very confident and 38 percent are somewhat confident), 28 percent are not at all confident (up from 23 percent in 2012(More)
Whichever political party prevails in November 2012, it is likely that the next Congress will, of necessity, address issues of the federal deficit, entitlements, and tax policy—specifically, proposals to modify or reduce existing tax preferences for health and retirement benefits. In that context, EBRI's 70 th policy forum focused on the "'After' Math: The(More)
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