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Turks, Arabs and Jewish Immigration into Palestine
 It is commonly maintained that prior to World War I all was well between Jews and Arabs in Palestine. According to this view, the Jews were too few and the Arabs too inarticulate for discord toExpand
Ottoman policy and restrictions on Jewish settlement in Palestine: 1881–1908—part I
Periodisation in history is arbitrary, but for the Jews of Imperial Russia, already an unhappy community, the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881 ushered in a painful new era. The pogromsExpand
Ottoman practice as regards Jewish settlement in Palestine : 1881–1908
Palestine were revised in the form of consolidated regulations. But although Ottoman policy and the reasons for it (also discussed in the previous article) was clear and constant, it failed. This wasExpand
Attempts at an Arab‐Zionist entente: 1913–1914
(1) At the beginning of April 1913, Salim Najjar, a Syrian Arab journalist, wrote from Cairo to Sami Hochberg, editor of Le JeunleTurc in Constantinople. Salim Najjar was a member of the ArabExpand
The Leading British Press on Three Crises in the Middle East: 1947-1957
Content Analysis" is a convenient research technique: it can be applied to widely divergent media of communication, and its uses are manifold.1 The following study derives from a content analysis.Expand