Neville Baker

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A novel light chopper system for fast timing experiments in the vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) and x-ray spectral region has been developed. It can be phase-locked and synchronized with a synchrotron radiation storage ring, accommodating repetition rates in the range of ~8 to ~120 kHz by choosing different sets of apertures and subharmonics of the ring frequency(More)
Magnetic compass orientation in night-migratory songbirds is embedded in the visual system and seems to be based on a light-dependent radical pair mechanism. Recent findings suggest that both broadband electromagnetic fields ranging from ~2 kHz to ~9 MHz and narrow-band fields at the so-called Larmor frequency for a free electron in the Earth's magnetic(More)
Honey bees store their large supply of honey at the top and, to a lesser extent, along the edges of their nests. Whether this pattern is the result of preferences for where nectar is deposited is unclear. Camazine, in a path breaking study of pattern formation, found evidence that workers deposit nectar at random, while Free and Williams in an earlier study(More)
Observations of electron fluxes made by the PET and LICA instruments aboard SAMPEX have been used with NO measurements made by HALOE aboard UARS to provide evidence of mesospheric and lower thermospheric NO formation due to precipitating electrons. Results indicate significant NO increases from 70 to 120 km which are associated with the occurrence of(More)
Managed care organizations have become significantly involved in health care in the Denver metropolitan area. Their presence has challenged psychiatric hospitals to reduce costs and length of stay. In 1990, a locked private psychiatric unit was reorganized into locked, open, and partial care services through which patients progress at individualized rates.(More)
The development of the Victorian mental health nurse practitioner youth early psychosis, is a pioneer advance in clinical psychiatric/mental health nursing. This paper will explore and describe the scope of practice for the youth early psychosis mental health nurse practitioner candidate, and how the model is informed by relevant literature. The role(More)
Optically detected zero-field electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy is used to show that weak linearly and circularly polarized radiofrequency magnetic fields affect the recombination reactions of spin-correlated radical pairs to different extents; the spectra are shown to be consistent with the radical pair mechanism.
Spatial variation in yield and fruit composition has been observed in many vineyards, leading to low productivity. In this study, site-specific irrigation was applied in a commercial vineyard (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Shiraz) block in the Sunraysia region of Australia to improve production in low-yielding areas of the block and decrease differences in yield(More)
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