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Chalcogenide glasses offer large ultrafast third-order nonlinearities, combined with low two-photon absorption and absence of free carrier absorption in a photosensitivity medium. This unique combination of properties is nearly ideal for all-optical signal processing devices. In this paper we review the key properties of these materials, outline progress in(More)
Magnetic compass orientation in night-migratory songbirds is embedded in the visual system and seems to be based on a light-dependent radical pair mechanism. Recent findings suggest that both broadband electromagnetic fields ranging from ~2 kHz to ~9 MHz and narrow-band fields at the so-called Larmor frequency for a free electron in the Earth's magnetic(More)
Optically detected zero-field electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy is used to show that weak linearly and circularly polarized radiofrequency magnetic fields affect the recombination reactions of spin-correlated radical pairs to different extents; the spectra are shown to be consistent with the radical pair mechanism.
Spatial variation in yield and fruit composition has been observed in many vineyards, leading to low productivity. In this study, site-specific irrigation was applied in a commercial vineyard (Vitis vinifera L. cv. Shiraz) block in the Sunraysia region of Australia to improve production in low-yielding areas of the block and decrease differences in yield(More)
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