Nevenka Pravdic

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This paper presents an empirical study of the relations between scientific output and collaboration performed on two scales: (1) an individual scale, for members of a study model, and (2) a group scale, for three samples varying in the level of productivity. The rank approach was applied in the preparation of the study model resulting in the selection of a(More)
Methodological implications of four accounting procedures applied in multiple authorship treatment relating to author productivity distribution were investigated. The emphasis was given to the individual author rank and inequality pattern of data. It was found that similar pattern of inequality holds in three of the four analysed cases, in spite of the fact(More)
In this essentially empirical study a comparative analysis of the age of references in scientific papers in three subject fields is performed. Comparisons are made: 1. among national and leading journals in the same scientific field, 2. for a number of high quality journals in physics and chemistry, and 3. between several groups of authors (according to the(More)
Presented are the results of a scientometric study carried out on a sample containing 5339 journal articles published by the Croatian authors over the period of 11 years. The analysis is performed on a macro-level, i.e. it is based on journal-aggregates data. To evaluate whether Croatian output in medicine is incorporated into the mainstream of the world(More)
It is commonly thought that an article published in a renown international journal gives its authors better chances for visibility. The present paper aims at answering three questions: (a) does an article published in a top international journal guarantee that its authors will be visible, (b) is an article published in a domestic journal (not covered by(More)