Nevena Zlatković

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Two plant-tumorigenic strains KFB 330(T) and KFB 335 isolated from galls on raspberry (Rubus idaeus) in Serbia, and a non-pathogenic strain AL51.1 recovered from a cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera) tumor in Poland, were genotypically and phenotypically characterized. Phylogenetic reconstruction based on 16S rDNA placed them within the genus Agrobacterium,(More)
Serious outbreaks of grapevine crown gall disease were observed in major Serbian viticultural regions during the last five years. Tumorigenic Agrobacterium vitis was identified as a causal agent by using conventional bacteriological and molecular tests. The 36 studied strains of A. vitis showed homogeneous biochemical and physiological characteristics, but(More)
During the last 3 years, crown gall disease was observed in some young raspberry plantations throughout Serbia, causing considerable economic losses. Based on biochemical and physiological tests, PCR targeting the 23S rRNA gene, and 16S rRNA and recA gene sequence analysis, at least two different species were identified as causal agents of disease. Out of(More)
Tumorigenic strains of Agrobacterium spp. are responsible for crown gall disease of numerous plant species. We present here draft genome sequences of nonpathogenic Agrobacterium nepotum strain 39/7(T) (CFBP 7436(T), LMG 26435(T)), isolated from crown gall tumor on Prunus cerasifera, and tumorigenic Agrobacterium sp. strain KFB 330 (CFBP 8308, LMG 28674),(More)
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