Neven Jurkovic

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Using powerful Computer Algebra programs for mathematics education has been steadily gaining popularity, regardless of inherent user-unfriendliness exhibited by such systems. Algebrator [4, 5] is a CAS specifically designed to teach high-school algebra. Despite its limited domain (or may be because of it), it has proven to be useful to students requiring(More)
In this paper we shall describe the basic design of EDUSYM 133, as well as recent improvement of the system. EDUSYM has primarily been developed to fill a gap that currently exists between programs for math (algebra) education and computer algebra systems. While the former lack a generality to be successfully used in a math classroom, the latter, despite(More)
Since it is generally considered that the role of a Computer Algebra System (CAS) in education is to enable students to solve hard, real-life problems without getting bogged down in minutiae of symbolic computation, the issue of generating plain drill exercises within CAS environment is usually not viewed as important. The premise of this paper is that(More)
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