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BACKGROUND Negative postoperative behavioural changes (NPOBCs) are very frequent in children after surgery and general anaesthesia. If they persist, emotional and cognitive development may be affected significantly. OBJECTIVE To assess whether the choice of different anaesthetic techniques for adenotonsillectomy may impact upon the incidence of NPOBC in(More)
The Hermite-Hadamard inequality is used to develop an approximation to the logarithm of the gamma function which is more accurate than the Stirling approximation and easier to derive. Then the concavity of the logarithm of gamma of logarithm is proved and applied to the Jensen inequality. Finally, the Wallis ratio is used to obtain the additional term in(More)
The hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR) was studied at the home made TiO(x)-Pt/C nanocatalysts in 0.5 mol dm(-3) HClO(4) at 25 degrees C. Pt/C catalyst was first synthesized by modified ethylene glycol method (EG) on commercially used carbon support (Vulcan XC-72). Then TiO(x)-Pt/C catalyst was prepared by the polyole method followed by TiO(x)(More)
Let s , t be two given real numbers , s = t and m ∈ N. We determine the coefficients a j (s, t) in the asymptotic expansion of integral (or differential) mean of polygamma functions ψ (m) (x) : 1 t − s t s ψ (m) (x + u) d u ∼ ψ (m) x ∞ ∑ j=0 a j (s, t) x j , x → ∞. We derive the recursive relations for polynomials a j (t , s) , and also as polynomials in(More)