Nevcihan Duru

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The K-means algorithm is quite sensitive to the cluster centers selected initially and can perform different clusterings depending on these initialization conditions. Within the scope of this study, a new method based on the Fuzzy ART algorithm which is called Improved Fuzzy ART (IFART) is used in the determination of initial cluster centers. By using(More)
BACKGROUND Maintaining soil productivity is essential if agriculture production systems are to be sustainable. However, there is a paucity of tools for measurement for the purpose of understanding changes in soil productivity. Fuzzy logic-based analysis offers this possibility. It is a new method on the evaluation of soil productivity in Turkey and even in(More)
In tile presented study, a simple and efficietlt utethod lbr reduction of noise in digitally recorded speech signal is introdttced In the implementation of this method, a digitally recorded speech signal is first mapped into time-frctlUCtlcy plane by using a BPFB (Band Pass Filter Batik) and a level estimator. After resolving signal, in both freqttellcy and(More)
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