Nevcihan Duru

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The K-means algorithm is quite sensitive to the cluster centers selected initially and can perform different clusterings depending on these initialization conditions. Within the scope of this study, a new method based on the Fuzzy ART algorithm which is called Improved Fuzzy ART (IFART) is used in the determination of initial cluster centers. By using(More)
BACKGROUND Maintaining soil productivity is essential if agriculture production systems are to be sustainable. However, there is a paucity of tools for measurement for the purpose of understanding changes in soil productivity. Fuzzy logic-based analysis offers this possibility. It is a new method on the evaluation of soil productivity in Turkey and even in(More)
In recent years information security and information privacy have been more important with an increment of technology. Different techniques of stenography and cryptography are used for sending information to recipient due to safety communication channel. Lots of algorithms have been developed as a result of these techniques. In this work the message to be(More)
Developing technology threaten to the information security and privacy. Today, for data transfer in a private and secure environment, the use of encryption methods or cryptographic systems are inevitable. In this study WHT (Walsh-Hadamard Transform) that is used, one of the transforms that used image processing techniques such as attribute extraction on(More)
In this study, it was developed an histogram based k-means algorithm by considering the region features in order to segment whole lung region automatically. After the segmentation the lung lobes are extracted from the surrounding tissue. This method could be used as a first step of various computer aided analysis of lungs. In the study, 34 cases which were(More)
In this work we aimed to Least Significant Bit (LSB) based information hiding over video files using Koblitz's Method over Elliptic Curve Cryptography. After which the message to be sent to the recipient converted into ASCII characters, single index characters are encrypted by Koblitz's Method, (x,y) pairs obtained, and it is assumed that these pairs (x,y)(More)