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Muscle fibers in the soleus muscle of the rat, injured by bupivacaine and free autografting, were allowed to regenerate within their old basal laminae. Histochemical and cytochemical analysis of newly synthesized acetylcholinesterase (AChE) revealed that two kinds of focal accumulations of AChE appeared in regenerating myotubes. First, AChE gets(More)
Molecular forms and histochemical localization of acetylcholinesterase and nonspecific cholinesterase were analysed in muscle regenerates obtained from rat EDL and soleus muscles after ischaemic-toxic degeneration and irreversible inhibition of preexistent enzymes. Regenerating myotubes and myofibres produce the 16S AChE form in the absence of innervation.(More)
Nerve-intact muscle regenerates were prepared by ischemic-toxic injury of slow soleus (SOL) and fast extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscles of the rat. Rapid innervation of regenerating myotubes modified intrinsic patterns of AChE molecular forms, revealed by velocity sedimentation in linear sucrose gradients. Regarding their onset, the effects of(More)
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