Neuza Nunes

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Aims: Experience morphology of acceleration signals, extract useful information and classify time periods into defined techniques during crosscountry skiing. Method: Three Norwegian crosscountry skiers ski skated one lap in the 2011 world championship sprint track as fast as possible with 5 accelerometers attached to their body and equipment. Algorithms for(More)
In this paper we introduce an unsupervised learning algorithm which distinguishes two different modes in a cyclic signal. We also present the concept of " mean wave " which averages all signal waves aligned in a notable point (n th zero derivative). With that information the signal's morphology is captured. The clustering mechanism is based on the(More)
Time series unsupervised clustering is accurate in various domains, and there is an increased interest in time series clustering algorithms for human behavior recognition. The authors have developed an algorithm for biosignals clustering, which captures the general morphology of a signal's cycles in one mean wave. In this chapter, they further validate and(More)
Introduction. Compound Muscle Action Potential (CMAP) scan is a noninvasive promissory technique for neurodegenerative pathologies diagnosis. In this work new CMAP scan protocols were implemented to study the influence of electrical pulse waveform on peripheral nerve excitability. Methods. A total of 13 healthy subjects were tested. Stimulation was(More)