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Aims: Experience morphology of acceleration signals, extract useful information and classify time periods into defined techniques during crosscountry skiing. Method: Three Norwegian crosscountry skiers ski skated one lap in the 2011 world championship sprint track as fast as possible with 5 accelerometers attached to their body and equipment. Algorithms for(More)
In this paper we introduce an unsupervised learning algorithm which distinguishes two different modes in a cyclic signal. We also present the concept of " mean wave " which averages all signal waves aligned in a notable point (n th zero derivative). With that information the signal's morphology is captured. The clustering mechanism is based on the(More)
The authors present a new biometric classification procedure based on meanwave's distances of electrocar-diogram (ECG) heartbeats. The ECG data was collected from 63 subjects during two data-recording sessions separated by six months (Time Instance 1, T1, and Time Instance 2, T2). Two classification tests were performed with the goal of subject(More)
right to file and publish this dissertation, without no geographic restrictions, as photocopies, in digital format or by any other means now known or to be invented. These institutions also have the right to publish this dissertation in scientific repositories and to admit its copy and distribution under educational or research, not commercial, purposes,(More)