Neuza Maria de Castro Duarte

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Laminin-332 is a major component of the dermo-epidermal skin basement membrane and maintains skin integrity. The transduction of mechanical force into electrical signals by sensory endings in the skin requires mechanosensitive channels. We found that mouse epidermal keratinocytes produce a matrix that is inhibitory for sensory mechanotransduction and that(More)
This study aimed to investigate the functional and developmental outcomes in school age children diagnosed with global developmental delay before 2 years old and to verify the association between their final diagnosis and environmental and biological factors. Forty-five Brazilian children (26 boys), mean age 95.84 (7.72) months, who attended regular school(More)
OBJECTIVE To retrieve the origin of the term neuropsychomotor developmental delay" (NPMD), its conceptual evolution over time, and to build a conceptual map based on literature review. DATA SOURCE A literature search was performed in the SciELO Brazil, Web of Science, Science Direct, OneFile (GALE), Pubmed (Medline), Whiley Online, and Springer databases,(More)
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