Neuza Duarte

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Using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique, the influence of selected multidrug resistance modulators, both plant-derived compounds and derivatives on the activity of voltage-gated potassium channels Kv1.3 was investigated. Twelve compounds with phenolic and terpenic structures were tested: the stilbenes piceatannol (1) and its tetramethoxy (2) and(More)
Laminin-332 is a major component of the dermo-epidermal skin basement membrane and maintains skin integrity. The transduction of mechanical force into electrical signals by sensory endings in the skin requires mechanosensitive channels. We found that mouse epidermal keratinocytes produce a matrix that is inhibitory for sensory mechanotransduction and that(More)
Transmission of the malaria parasite from the mammalian host to the mosquito vector requires the formation of adequately adapted parasite forms and stage-specific organelles. Here we show that formation of the crystalloid-a unique and short-lived organelle of the Plasmodium ookinete and oocyst stage required for sporogony-is dependent on the precisely timed(More)
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