Neuza Braga C. Araujo

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The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of economic status on clinical care provided to Brazilian youths with type 1 diabetes in daily practice, according to the American Diabetes Association’s guidelines. This was a cross-sectional, multicenter study conducted between 2008 and 2010 in 28 public clinics in Brazil. Data were obtained from 1,692(More)
The Schistosoma mansoni schistosomula tegument (Smteg) plays an important role in triggering the host immune response and mice immunization with Smteg formulated with Freunds adjuvant or alum + CpG induce partial protection against S. mansoni infection associated with an increased antibody production. In this study, we investigated the role of these(More)
INTRODUCTION Human neuroschistosomiasis has been reported in the literature, but the possibility of modeling neuroschistosomiasis in mice is controversial. METHODS In two research laboratories in Brazil that maintain the Schistosoma mansoni life cycle in rodents, two mice developed signs of brain disease (hemiplegia and spinning), and both were autopsied.(More)
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