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OBJECTIVES To investigate the relationships between serum paraoxonase-1 (PON1), insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome (MetS) in childhood obesity. DESIGN AND METHODS We studied 110 obese children and 36 non-obese children with a similar gender and age distribution. We measured serum PON1 activity against 5-thiobutyl butyrolactone (TBBLase) and(More)
OBJECTIVE Assessment of executive functions in an everyday life activity, evaluating brain injury subjects with script generation and execution tasks. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared a script generation task to a script execution task, whereby subjects had to make a cooked dish. Two grids were used for the quotation, qualitative and quantitative, as(More)
We studied changes in species distribution and antimicrobial resistance patterns of Shigella during 1980-2008, using the Diarrhoeal Diseases Surveillance system of Dhaka Hospital of ICDDR,B. In hospitalized patients Shigella prevalence decreased steadily from 8-12% in the 1980s to 3% in 2008. Endemic S. flexneri was the most commonly isolated species (54%).(More)
INTRODUCTION We studied 23 vascular or traumatic head injury subjects, five years after their injury. METHODS Neuropsychological testing included language tests, memory performance, frontal lobe tests and standard tests of intelligence (QI). Behavior was evaluated with the neuropsychiatric interview (NPI). Using an analogic visual scale, subjects(More)
Detachment of the proximal epiphyseal plate of the femur is a rare observation in infants. The context usually involves obstetrical injury or child abuse. There is however a high risk in certain children with epilepsy. Fractures and dislocations can occur during hypertonic seizures in a context of iatrogenic bone weakening due to drug treatments. Emergency(More)
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