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Recientemente se han descrito en Canadà y Japón brotes de transmisión persona a persona y también de transmisión ali-mentaria causados por Sapovirus, afectando tanto a población infantil como adulta. ABSTRACT The Viral Gastroenteritis: a Public Health Problem Acute gastroenteritis (AG), which may be caused by bacteria , parasites and enteropathogenic(More)
BACKGROUND Although routine vaccination is a major tool in the primary prevention of some infectious diseases, there is some reluctance in a proportion of the population. Negative parental perceptions of vaccination are an important barrier to paediatric vaccination. The aim of this study was to investigate parental knowledge of paediatric vaccines and(More)
care of homeless persons: a manual of com-municable diseases and common problems in shelters and on the streets. Boston: Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program, 2004. p. 67–71. 2. US Department of Health and Human Services. Healthy people 2010. 2nd ed. With understanding and improving health and objectives for improving health. 10. Allsup SJ, Gosney MA.(More)
Serotype 3 is one of the most often detected pneumococcal serotypes in adults and it is associated with serious disease. In contrast, the isolation of serotype 3 by bacterial culture is unusual in children with invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD). The purpose of this study was to learn the serotype distribution of IPD, including culture-negative episodes,(More)
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