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We report the generation of short-wavelength, high-order harmonics of intense laser radiation from atom clusters. Clusters containing about 10 3 atoms are produced in a high-pressure gas jet. We show them to be a unique nonlinear medium. Compared with monomer gases they yield a higher appearance intensity for a given harmonic order, stronger nonlinear(More)
A glasshouse experiment was conducted with plants of Phaseolus grown in liquid culture. Root growth parameters (biomass, diameter, length, growth rate, zone of cell division), root rheological components (wall extensibility, water potential yield threshold, water potential), shoot growth, carbon allocation, and abscisic acid (ABA) concentration were(More)
  • Satellite, Van Damme, +7 authors J W And Coheur
Limited availability of ammonia (NH 3) observations is currently a barrier for effective monitoring of the nitrogen cycle. It prevents a full understanding of the atmospheric processes in which this trace gas is involved and therefore impedes determining its related budgets. Since the end of 2007, the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI)(More)
Service-orientation has gained great momentum in technological and economical matter. This development forces companies to drive new strategies such as service differentiation, coopetition and engaging into dynamic service ecosystems. Traditional ideas of static value chains give way to agile service value networks where many decentralized service providers(More)
A physiological model was developed to estimate fish body toxicant load based on information regarding the chemical exposure regime, fish body weight, lipid content and oxygen uptake. The general model was tested in which an oxygen database (OXYREF) was used to predict fish toxicant body burden. Based on the quantitative analysis, it was shown that the(More)
Three organic compounds of different hydrophobicity, 1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene (TeCB), 3,4,5,6-tetrachloroguaiacol (TeCG) and 4,6-dichlorobenzenediol (DBD), were chosen as the test chemicals to carry out a series of investigations to look at the relationship between toxicant transfer and fish metabolic rate. A significant correlation was found between the(More)