Nestor Walter Trepode

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The cell division cycle comprises a sequence of phenomena controlled by a stable and robust genetic network. We applied a probabilistic genetic network (PGN) to construct a hypothetical model with a dynamical behavior displaying the degree of robustness typical of the biological cell cycle. The structure of our PGN model was inspired in well-established(More)
Patterns have been widely used in Computer Science. A pattern describes a generic solution to an existing problem in a more readable and accessible form. A pattern-oriented process specification consists of a generic and abstract description of a process. This paper presents a pattern-oriented specification of a genetic regulatory network inference process(More)
In this paper, we call finite dynamical system (FDS) a discrete time and finite range dynamical system. A FDS is called a finite lattice dynamical system (FLDS) when its transition function is defined on a finite lattice. Hence, the transition function of a FLDS is a lattice operator and can be represented by an union of sup-generating operators,(More)
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