Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodriguez

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This paper presents the design of a new low-cost, easy operation hand having three 1 dof anthropomorphic fingers with human size. Experimental results on human cylindrical grasping have been used for designing a 1 dof anthropomorphic finger having human size. The mechanical design of this finger has been mainly focused on a suitable articulated mechanism.(More)
.Abstract – This paper reports a design and simulation of a new low-cost humanoid robot that has been named as CALUMA (CAssino Low-cost hUMAnoid robot). A 3D-CAD model of CALUMA has been developed in order to check the feasibility of the assembly, possible component interferences and kinematic behaviour. A dynamic simulation in ADAMS environment has been(More)
This paper presents tip-grasp experiences with a robotic hand with three 1 dof anthropomorphic fingers of human sizes. The last prototype of LARM Hand built at LARM in Cassino is illustrated as a low-cost easy-operation design. Cylindrical-grasp experiences have been previously carried out in order to compare the force measure results with the force results(More)
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