Nestor Arana-Arejolaleiba

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In the vision of ubiquitous computing environment described by Weiser (1991)the environment is populated by smart devices which adapt depending on the user context in order to meet the userpsilas needs and look after them. But we are still a long way from this vision because the current devices describe their functionalities in a very simple manner, not in(More)
This paper presents a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) based particle filter to track multiple persons dedicated to video surveillance applications. This hybrid tracker, devoted to networked intelligent cameras, takes benefit from the best properties of both MCMC and joint particle filter. A saliency map-based proposal distribution is shown to limit the(More)
In this urticle we present a multisensor system for visual landmarks detection in indoor autonomous robot navigation context, This smart sensor combines a CCD camera with a 3D luser camera The landmarks detection is bused on the colluborution between intensity image processing which ensures the planar quadrangle landmarks detection itself und ad hoc 3D(More)
Camera networks make an important component of modern complex perceptual systems with widespread applications spanning surveillance, human/machine interaction and healthcare. Smart cameras that can perform part of the perceptual data processing improve scalability in both processing power and network resources. Based on these insights, this paper presents a(More)
Camera networks are an important component of modern complex systems, be it for surveillance, human/machine interaction or healthcare. Having smart cameras that can, by themselves, perform part of the data processing improves scalability both in processing and network resources. In this paper, we present the HYBRID algorithm for multiple person tracking(More)
Within a project whose objective is to develop a small-size 3D sensor combining a video camera with a 3D laser-based \camera", this paper describes the current status of the laser camera. The prototype of the laser camera is operational and is able to produce 3D \images" with good deenition at high speed. Because of size constraints, some of the control(More)
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