Nesrine Ben Romdhane

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—Emerging non-volatile memories (NVM) based on re-sistive switching mechanism (RS) such as STT-MRAM, OxRRAM and CBRAM etc., are under intense R&D investigation by both academics and industries. They provide high write/read speed, low power and good endurance (e.g.,) beyond mainstream NVMs, which allow them to be embedded directly with logic units for(More)
Spin-transfer torque magnetic memory (STT-MRAM) is currently under intense academic and industrial development, since it features non-volatility, high write and read speed and high endurance. In this work, we show that when used in a non-conventional regime, it can additionally act as a stochastic memristive device, appropriate to implement a "synaptic"(More)
—Advanced computing systems suffer from high static power due to the rapidly rising leakage currents in deep sub-mi-cron MOS technologies. Fast access non-volatile memories (NVM) are under intense investigation to be integrated in Flip-Flops or computing memories to allow system power-off in standby state and save power. Spin Transfer Torque MRAM (STT-MRAM)(More)
Current induced domain walls (DW) motion in magnetic nanowires or nano-stripes presents a novel approach to store and convey data. Combining with magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) nanopillars, Racetrack memory (RM) becomes a new class of non-volatile memory thanks to its large storage capacity and fast data access. However, we need a relatively high current(More)
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